Friday, June 10, 2005

No experience necessary!

No experience is necessary to create art for this blog.

There are no age restrictions.

This art journal could contain any form of written or visual art, including poems, prose, paintings, pictures of sculpture, quilting, crocheted items, crafts...anything you created yourself.

We are concentrating mostly on art as therapy for those with Lymphedema and related disorders, so art done with that subject in mind is what we most want posted here. However, really any art that a person with Lymphedema created is therapeutic for that individual, so pretty much anything you create may be submitted here.

Also, written art doesn't have to be a really magnificent poem or the like, it may simply be something you wrote about how you feel about having Lymphedema and its complications. The point is, this is a site where you can express how you feel about this illness and its related disorders.

If you are uncomfortable downloading stuff to the internet, just email me (see the link in the title) and I will attempt to help you.


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